Sunday, May 22, 2011

London 2012 - Olympic Games

The 2012 London Olympic Games are still over a year away but a discernible mood of if not eager at least curious anticipation is developing. The almost unfathomable way in which the sales of advance tickets are being organised, has I think enhanced the atmosphere somewhat.

Applying for tickets was also almost unfathomable and if a mistake was made in the online ordering the whole order had to be canceled and the process started from the beginning again. The window of opportunity for canceling was quite short so the process became like participating in a new fangled hurdle event. By the time all the hurdles had been overcome the interest in the Games generally was heightened despite the immediate feeling of minor irritation.

The construction works at and around the various Olympic venues are dragging parts of previously neglected and run down London into the 21st century in some cases almost straight from the 19th. Even the tatty forecourt of Wimbledon Station the surrounding streets and pedestrian footways/crossings (Wimbledon is an Olympic venue for the tennis) are cvurrently being revamped at a cost of £100Ks. The improving environment adds to the positive atmosphere being engendered by the Games. The costs... well East London especially has always needed a catalyst for being redeveloped and without the Olympics the area would doubtless still be left in drabness and decay.

Some tickets were offered at reduced prices eg for over 60s and others reflect the expected popularity of particular events eg the 100 metre men's finals which Usan Bolt is expected to complete in milliseconds, has apparently been subject to applications for 100%s more tickets than there are seats.

Various maytrees members have submitted ticket applications. My own are for tennis (at Wimbledon naturally) badminton which is mrs maytrees favourite sport and the 8000 metre men's finals which my father who attended the event at the 1948 London Olympics would like to see again. The complicated ticketing procedures mean that I will not know which if any of my applications are successful until June 23rd. Meanwhile there is a clue in that the Olympic Games ticketing people have started taking monies for tickets payments from successful applicants' bank accounts. This enhances interest further in that many people are anxiously scrutinising their bank accounts to see if any ticket payments have been made - alas so far my ticket applications have not resulted in any payments being made but I am hopeful that one of my 3 applications will be successful.

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