Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Old Beaumont - At Lourdes 2011

The large number of BU members in Lourdes last week supporting  family pilgrimage groups especially those in the HCPT London Beaumont Region prompted me to post some BU photographs here although BU posts and comments are also to be found on other pages on this blog.

Firstly BU at prayer:

Secondly BU at work:

Thirdly BU at play:

Another photograph of OBs at the  2011 HCPT Trust Mass:


  1. This was the first time in years that I haven't been out with HCPT Scotland. I did read the Tatler every day - it's surprising how little real news is in it when you are at home so it was good to read your accounts of this year's pilgrimage.

    p.s. is that Edward Heath or Peter Ustinov in the kilt?


  2. Greetings anonymous - thank you for your comment

    The kilted BU is Robert Bruce ('65 I think) who is currently Chairman of the HCPT London Beaumont Region. He is stepping down in June after a very successful and popular stint as leader. Rumour has it that he is to be succeeded by a member of the Wolf clan who is a senior nurse - if so she would be a great choice.

    Freddie Wolf RIP was a very successful OB but well before my own time though of course anyone who went on HCPT pilgrimages over the years would have met him or got to know him by reputation.


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