Wednesday, June 01, 2011

London 2012 - Olympic Games Ticket Applications

Anyone who applied for tickets for the 2012 London Olympics should know by now whether their bank/visa card has been debited.

Mine just has at the 59th minute of the 11th hour so to speak but not for the full sum so now the wait until the end of this month to see what tickets I have purchased.

I applied for Tennis - Wimbledon naturally; athletics to include the men's 8000 metre finals and badminton. Judging by the sum debited it looks as though the badminton tickets are not included. Slightly surprising if so, as I had thought that badminton would be the least popular. Possibly the furore last month about what women badminton players should or should not wear (thankfully now resolved in favour of their wearing what they choose) rustled up more interest for the wrong reasons at the wrong time.

It would be interesting to know how others ticket applications fared. Overall I'm pleased - the unusual ticketing arrangements at least maintain interest levels.


  1. I wish you luck, Jerry! My son has put in for the Opening Ceremony and one athletics day. I must remember to ask him if his bank card has been debited.

  2. TX Barnaby

    My older brother has ranted on a little (in emails) about the absurdity as he sees it of the Olympic ticket lottery but I think he misses the point...

  3. Not gloating but I got 100% of my applications.

    I should have said "application" since I only applied for one ticket: an early round game of the men's football at Hampden Park in Glasgow. Just so I could say that I had been to the Olympics.

  4. Greetings Bertie and TX for posting

    Olympic football always a little awkward where the Scots have to combine with the English to for a single team GB, running counter to both countries' footballing traditions. I'm not usually a curling fan but like many was mesmorised an olympic games or two back by the Scots women's curling team's efforts.

    My younger brother's (married to a Glaswegian - Paisley anyway) moans about not being allocated tickets became muted once he realised that he had omitted to put in his application for any.

  5. Did you get any tickets, Jerry? My son Robin is in with a chance for the decathlon and handball.

  6. Greetings Barnaby

    I hope your son is successful - if he is maybe you will attend with him?

    I am more than content with: 4 tickets for athletics in August 2012 including the men's 10000m final, the women's 100m finals some medal award ceremonies including the men's marathon, some hurdles heats, shot putting etc. My father (age 90) saying that the men's 10000m interested him as he had attended that event in the London 1948 Olympics, was what inspired me to request those tickets so hopefully he will be able to enjoy that event again in 2012.

    I remember years ago going to the Commonwealth Games at White City with him and being surprised at how exciting it all was so it would be good if the London 2012 Olympics prove to be even better than an action replay.

    Also 3 tickets for Olympic tennis semi final at Wimbledon Court 1 at a week end.

    A friend who has never been to Wembley is keen to go so I might still apply for some Olympic football there.


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