Sunday, August 14, 2011

Life Goes On

A section from my email just now to little brother seems worth posting as part of the aftermath experience in respect of the consumer riots mentioned in my previous blog post:

...Meanwhile  by happy coincidence my cycle ride this morning from (SW20) to Wimbledon Common, Beverley Brook Robin Hood horse crossing thence to Richmond Park and back,coincided with the London Olympic bicycle trials going through Richmond Park. The amateur cycle path that I use was open but the roads completely closed for the elite cycle racers. I know that you intend to  watch the real Olympic cycle race at (Surrey) but wondered if you managed to dress rehearse your vantage point at say Box Hill today?

The atmosphere in Richmond Park was the best I have seen for years. Reclaiming the Park from motor traffic meant that cycling round was far more fun and probably more healthy than usual. The crowds cheering on the racers reminded me of the London marathon crowds and the whole event was  an especially welcome contrast to the consumer riots we have just endured - as to the latter interesting how Clapham Junction Waterstones bookshop was left untouched whereas Currys aka Dixons was ransacked.

Having reclaimed the shops from looters consideration could be given to reclaiming the streets from motor cars.

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