Sunday, August 21, 2011

Religion Reconciliation and Change

Our American parish priest Father Keith  invited everyone to an hour of reflective prayer last  Sunday as an aid to reconciliation in London. Quite a number of people responded to this initiative although given the hand wringing  politiking and blame gaming that have taken place from  prime ministerial office downwards since    a section of our consumer society  went on its rampage, the fact that the church was not full to capacity was disappointing though maybe  slightly predicable.

The very human touch at the end of the hour, of asking the congregation "for help" with singing the last two verses of the Pange Lingua  provided  momentary levity in the sombreness of the moment. The Tantum Ergo was then   sung with real enthusiasm.

 In a couple of weeks time a new form of English translation of the of the mass is to be introduced in catholic parishes in England. Judging by comments made in the catholic press, the new translation is not going to be entirely well received. Hopefully  next month people will help with enthusisam  to make the  new translation work in the same spirit as they did last week with the singing in Latin of the old Pange Lingua.

Meanwhile the need for reconciliation  repair change  and renewal as regards the fault lines in our consumer society identified by the recent rampaging, continues.

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