Saturday, December 31, 2011

10 Predictions for 2012

In no particular order of worldwide importance though for me no.5 will hopefully be tops.

1. The Euro will soldier on for a few weeks more then some countries will quit.
2. A cure for Malaria will be found.
3.  People will return to the Church pews.
4. The 2012 London  Olympic games  will be fun.
5. Maytrees ma. will be happily wed with much maytrees'  family celebrating.
6. The News of the World will be back under a different name.
7. The Higgs Bosun Particle will not quite be  proved to exist.
8. The Higgs Bosun Particle will be proved not quite to exist.
9. The film "The Iron Lady" about Maggie Thatcher will be a rip roaring success.
10. Financial hardship will  hugely increase but so will the fruits of human enterprise and ingenuity.

Happy New Year to one and all.


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