Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas - Peace and Love

World wide trials and tribulations   in 2011  have been such for mankind  that I thought that I would post an English Christmasy chocolate boxy type photo here as a microscopic antidote to represent peace and love - something like a robin sitting on a garden fork  in the frost. But whilst making coffee in Wimbledon this morning  (Christmas Eve 2011) I spied the most unrobin-like bird through the kitchen window so the piccie below is posted instead:

Not a brilliant photo (taken through a dusty kitchen window with no preparation possible) and certainly no robin redbreast is depicted. I surmise too that the bird  is not normally regarded as  a native of England. Yet perhaps this poorly taken picture of a strange looking   yet dignified, creature scratching  around for food on a winter's day in a foreign land, represents something of  the  present states  of mankind and the planet.

Maybe its very survival owes something to global warming as from its highly coloured feathers, I'd hazard a guess that it is more at a home in tropical climes than in darkest SW19/20.

A Very Happy or as our American PP would say Merry and Holy Christmas to all who visit this blog.


  1. Greetings Barnaby
    I usually hear woodpeckers rather than see them so you may be right but this seemed a bit too exotic looking for a woodpecker although that is not apparent from the photo. Maybe a parakeet?

  2. It IS a woodpecker, Jerry! My wife has taken a photo and I'll send it on to you - provided that she can find it among the thousands of others! It's a regular visitor to/reisent of our garden.

  3. Well if Madame Barnaby has it as a woodpecker, then that has to be correct.

    There was a spate of parakeet sightings here in spring/summer 2010. Rumour had it that some fading pop star or other imported a couple for his aviary then they escaped, managed to survive and bred.

    A wood pecker is more apt somehow.

  4. Extensive research reveals the bird in question to be a ... green woodpecker:

  5. Thank you Barnaby and your team of researchers


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