Sunday, June 24, 2012

An Unusual Week

An unusual week especially weather wise.

I suppose living in the UK having odd weather is more usual than unusual but  hearing news of floods in the north and the south of the country  whilst still feeling cold in a grey June in London, does raise the question of whether the  weather is changing because of mankind's increasing activities around the planet?

 Leaving for a post lunchtime walk around the Common today it poured with rain shortly after I had started yet was sunny and hot by the finish. Usually at this time with Wimbledon Tennis starting tomorrow the Wimbledon Village fair is heaving with people yet today they were packing up in the damp before 4pm.

Still the jury is still out for me anyway as to whether major weather changes have already been caused by man's increasing numbers and activities. The  weather forecast for the next few days  seems positive so the tennis should be fine especially  with the Centre Court now having a roof which can close the tennis players and crowd off from inclement weather rather than as happened for years, with officials simply suspending play until the rain stops.

By chance I bumped into Father Michael on my walk. He is recovering from operations geared to facilitate his having dialyses following kidney failures. I understand that he has to attend hospital three times weekly for hours of blood dialyses which must be really tiring and frustrating for him and anyone else affected by kidney failures. His attitude was really impressive though not unreal and obviously the downside is large. I hope that when he is permitted once more to have a transplant  a suitable donor kidney will found for him really quickly - a great burden for a great  man.

Football is proving another unusual factor for England football supporters this week. What with Rooney being suspended from play for the first two matches and the team's new manager having to field  so many players  so new to the  team, I had thought that we would be knocked out early on yet here we still are.

Politically I note that the German Chancellor Angela Merkel  attended the Germany v  Greece match and enjoyed seeing her team beat the Greeks whereas David Cameron who apparently likes football, is staying away from tonight's game with the Italians, in political protest of some kind against Ukraine. My guess is that if England progress beyond tonight's game with Italy, David Cameron's enjoyment of a game of football  will trump his political criticism of the Ukraine so he will attend  the next match with his good friend Angela Merkel as England would then I think  be playing Germany.

The Spanish having beaten the French our neighbour Hosea is in 7th heaven.

Come on England!


  1. Hi Jerry
    In terms of sheer footballing, Jerry, I don't think there was much to choose between England and France: two average sides who got about as far as could be expected. But whereas the English showed great spirit and heart, the French were obviously not a team in the real sense of the word.
    I'm afraid that until we learn to be "easy on the ball" like the best continental sides - like Andrea Pirlo last night - we will never win a major competition.

  2. Greetings Barnaby
    I agree that the English team needs much work and improvement and that the best team won on the night. Still the new manager did well to get us as far as he did and without losing a single match.

  3. Yes, he did very well. And now we're left with the best four teams in Europe. It would be a rash man who picked a winner from these four!

  4. Well Barnaby I'm going for Italy tonight.

  5. But Spain has it - deservedly so.


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