Sunday, July 01, 2012

Wimbledon 2012

I couldn't bear to watch all of the Andy Murray v Marcos  Bagdhatis match last night but was pleased to learn that Murray won, just, at 23:02 hours after a real nail biting but fascinating, match. It was good to learn that the two players are great friends which friendship can only have been cemented by such a brilliant match.

Murray is a completely different character from Tim Henman but they both know how to keep a largely British tennis crowd  awake. Sadly so far they also  follow in the well trodden Great British 'good loser' path yet maybe Murray will change that this year. His mother's attention to the   (hopefully) up and coming  female British tennis players augurs well for the future though women's tennis this year is in general not nearly as exciting as the men's. Having said that not so long ago there were some pretty lean men's tennis years.

Wimbledon is buzzing more than usual at this time of year. There has been some upgrading of the town centre for the Olympic Games due to start later this month and a sculpture of a stag, has just been erected  at the SWTrain station entrance presumably as part of the Olympic upgrade. Apparently stags used to roam Wimbledon Common - I find the sculpture quite appealing and will try to download a photo in a while. Luckily I also managed to obtain some tickets for the Olympic Tennis semi finals at Wimbledon which is more than I did for the Wimbledon Tennis itself. The Olympic  event at court number  1. takes place in about a month's time which shows how fast the Olympic Games start is coming into view now.

But the Common has been sparking with more than tennis this year. Last week despite the weather the Wimbledon Village carnival and horse show attracted quite a crowd as did the more commercial fair. 

This morning's jog over the Common was in glorious sunshine andas I jogged by, a race team were setting up finish and start arenas for what I assume was a Wimbledon 10k. There was some friendly banter as I crossed their newly installed finish line a couple of hours early.

Overall the town centre, Village and Common have seemed more alive now than they have for some while. Jogging alone on a quiet and misty or not that long ago, snowy, common  can make one feel how great it is to be alive but the comradeship of other people being around  whether total strangers or not, is particularly enlivening when they are at ease as was the case in this morning's  summer sunshine.

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  1. Well a British man in the final - 70 years since the last one I think but that was before my time.

    It would be good to have a winner just before the Olympics start in London too but Federer is in the Wimbledon finals for I think his 8th time.


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