Saturday, August 25, 2012

Paralympic Torch Relay

After some  3 weeks of  great Olympics Games experiences in July and early August  followed  last week  by the happiest wedding of maytrees ma. our oldest daughter to Stuart, blog posting this week  about  generally unhappy world events began to beckon once more.

However  a recommendation  in 2011 by a Lourdes group  helper  for me to carry the the Paralympic Torch in honour of HCPT  has just  resulted in an invitation    to carry the Paralympic  torch for a short distance in Canary Wharf at about 5:30pm just before the start of the Paralympic Games on 29th August 2012.

Things have moved on quickly since then with various pieces of uniform running kit and instructions from the Paralympic people arriving  so I find the Olympic atmosphere being  extended by  a couple more weeks  - hence this blog post.

Should anyone like to watch the torch relay, the relevant part of the Paralympic Committee's email reads:

You will carry the Paralympic Flame as part of a team on 29 August 2012 starting in Tower Hamlets. You and your team members will start at approximately 17:38pm and carry the Flame along South Colonnade....

And Tell your friends and family to bring lanterns

We are encouraging everyone to bring along lanterns, torches, or even glowsticks to light the way along the 24 hour route. You can help by rallying your family and friends to light their lanterns and line the overnight Torch Relay route for you

The actual run is hardly a couple of hundred yards but the  atmosphere should I hope be great.

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  1. Delighted for you, dear brother in law! An accolade well deserved for all your hard work.


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