Thursday, May 09, 2013

Tampere Workers" Hall - The Lenin Museum

The Lenin Museum"s exhibitions of the Life of Lenin and of Lenin and Finland are fascinating. For a non-historian like myself they involve some careful reflection not only on the layout of the exhibition but also on the written  script which the curator kind enough to provide for me in English.

Strangely I seemed to be the only visitor that day but  that gave the huge advantage
of being able to concentrate on the detail of the exhibits free from distraction. Lenin was I think an  idealist who expected workers to exercise rights to vote. The problem not discussed in the museum"s quite absorbing exhibition was what actions were taken if workers did not vote in the left way. A Finnish lady"s view expressed to me was that the vote was only given to those who voted for the party.

The exhibits were fascinating. Nonetheless  I  added a comment  about the frightening 1962 Cuban missile crisis in their visitors" comment book although the Kruschev Kennedy era rather post-dated Lenin.

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