Sunday, July 20, 2014

Carbis Bay 2014

The last holiday before moving on to new professional fields after 42 years needed to be a complete break
At the same time the break needs to be really different yet be restful.

Much of the lack of rest in C21 holidays arises from the means of traveling. Airports are tedious. Hours of waiting coupled with baggage and body searches make journeying anywhere by plane these days a pain.

The pain has to be endured for business trips or for say once in a lifetime journeys or by students out to see the world before the need to earn a crust bites in but not surely for a simple break away.
On the other hand driving a car long distances in England can be tedious
Taking a train from Paddington to St Erth then the branch line that Beeching forgot to cut to Carbis Bay proved fun.
Of course the hot sunshine helps to add to the holiday spirit so good fortune is happily also present. Meeting with Paul at nearby  Hayle was especially fun and there was much reminiscing about the business travels not that long ago to Vancouver Island and thence  to Seattle. 
Especially interesting in the St Ives sunshine was taking a small boat out to watch some seals at a rocky islet about an hour away. 
Holidays sadly tend to pass by all too quickly.

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