Saturday, July 11, 2015

JPMorgan Chase - Battersea Park Run 9th July 2015

Probably   my final London  marathon, was a couple of years back, but  when in the spring this year there was a request for volunteers for the firm's team to run the far shorter c. 6m Battersea Park course for the JPFMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge, I volunteered. Proceeds from the event support an appropriate charity so in 2014  the supported charity was Water Aid.

Spring came and went and the  2015 Challenge run duly took place last Thursday at c. 6:30pm.

The evening turned out to be a high summer's evening with lovely sunshine though not so lovely for the runners at least,  some quite high temperatures. There were about 35 runners in the Farrer & Co team but many City banks  hedge funds and other institutions  had far larger teams with the result that Battersea Park was packed with runners.

The race is held over two days but on Thursday (when I ran)  the London Underground workers were holding a 24 hour strike. Thankfully the strike made no discernible impact at all on the crowds in Battersea Park. Mrs maytrees and I traveled  by  train to Battersea Park  Southern Region railway station though most competitors I believe, traveled by SW Trains  from London  Waterloo to Queenstown Road which is only a short walk away with neither train company being affected by the strike.

The JPF Morgan website states (Stephanie Davis was the winner on Thursday ie day two of the event which  started on Wednesday) :

"Davis ran under perfect blue skies, with a slight breeze bringing relief from the warm (but welcome) weather for England's capital. The registered count for the evening was 14,394 entrants from 350 companies, bringing the two-night total in Battersea to 29,017 runners and 699 companies. Those are all full capacity figures."

My  personal time was not marvelous at a fraction over half an hour but the event was excellent. The run and evening picnic afterwards laid on by the firm, provided a great opportunity for meeting many staff and partners at Farrer & Co who I had not so far met.

Mrs maytrees and I traveling back and arriving home at about 9:30pm when it was still light supported the view that this time of year in the UK,  given the long   days,  can be wonderful especially when the weather is as warm and sunny as it has been for the past couple of weeks.

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