Sunday, October 22, 2017

NHS - Part 2

Having just been discharged from St  George's NHS Hospital the advice is that it will take 3 months for me to walk unaided and perhaps 6 months for a full cure.

Experience with the NHS so far is first class. Following the accident the young ambulance paramedic after stretchering me safely in decided to rescue my bike as well which he then perched at the back bringing it in to A&E at the hospital. There the young girl doctor after checking my aches and pains said that I must wear a helmet as had the fall been onto my head the outcome could have been fatal. I was then along with the said bike taken into resuscitation where a full analysis was made. 

The earlier doctor who came in at the end of her shift to say farewell was told by maytrees  min that she too had been trying to make me wear a helmet for years. I promised both that when recovered I would buy one supervised by maytrees min and thanked her again for all her efforts for me.

Mrs maytrees and our youngest daughter managed to load the old bike before departing in the battered VW Polo following which admission to a small 6 bed part of the Gunning ward where I was to remain as an inpatient for a fortnight - more later.

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