Sunday, November 26, 2017

Brexit Ireland and Bureaucracy

The Irish appear to me to be rather taking a risk by their recent strategy of insisting. on a deal almost separating Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK, not least because of the fury the Republic is causing to the DUP in Northern Ireland whose 10 or is it 11 MP s are in coalition with the governing Tories. The latter's statement that they will not be erecting any kind of frontier ought to have ended the issue. 

My guess at the reason for the Republic still going on and on about it, is that absent a deal resulting in NI remaining in the EU in all but name, the EU will require a frontier but who would then pay?

There are many in the EU who wish to punish the UK for leaving their club although the Italian 5 star party which is apparentlywell supported in Italy being the most popular political  party there at present but far too right wing for me, says that the UK should be allowed to leave on friendly terms. 

The Irish and Germans have huge electoral difficulties looming so an hard Brexit seems more likely anyway.

I have often found many civil servants to be overpaid with pensions added that I as a self employed person have had to build up with difficulty personally. The EU seems, at least to me, to be to be run by  many such people. As for the buildings in which they work in Brussels - hugely luxurious and expensive in my view. 

The UK should be requesting repayment of our share of the costs paid by us over the past 40 years towards those dreadful buildings.. Then is not more money wasted by the EU civil servants traipsing off from Brussels to Strasbourg every month and who pays for that waste? 

Perhaps it boils down to how keen one is on civil servants' bureaucracy. Those who are not keen  on having an huge expensive civil service are happy to leave whereas those who are more civil service minded are anxious to remain

Not universally true I am sure but thought provoking anyway.

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