Saturday, December 02, 2017

Everyday Life

I decided this morning that the photo maytrees min has of her finishing the London 2017 Duathlon in Richmond Park earlier this year, which I attended with her (spectator only!) should be framed.

 As one becomes older the more one appreciates photos like that of actions taken when young - at least that is what I find from an early London Marathon photo.

Anyway, early this morning I attended the first floor (art framing section) of Wimbledon Fielders which is a full art and framing shop, studio and premises.. 

There was no other customer there. at the time and I gathered that even on Saturdays during December, crowds only tend to arrive from 11am. 

The artist whose age I would estimate at about 35, was able to take his time in showing me the available frames mounts and prices. We chatted too; he told me that he and his girlfriend live in Streatham S London and that he sometimes walks from there to Wimbledon as the only exercise he does. They are thinking of buying a small house so we naturally discussed property prices. I told him how years back mrs maytrees and I lived in West Norwood SE London, which is or rather was, not attractive looking but full of interesting people. That is near to Streatham too and he said that they will also look there.

The second artist then came over, slightly older than his colleague but slimmer,  being he told me a professional hockey and football referee in his spare time though the studio kept him very busy at this time of year.

He saw the picture of maytrees min and then produced a very large framed photo plus medals, certificate and other items relating to a friend's daughter about the same age as maytrees min, who had just completed the Dubai Triathlon; maytrees min did a duathlon as she is like her father a slow swimmer. The simple picture of her finishing that a few weeks ago we agreed is ideal. 

I told them then about my wish to start running again once I am fully recovered from the cycling accident in early October. The referee said that rather than risk running too far too soon outside  on say Wimbledon Common, trying a gym treadmill for the first month might be wise.

After an hour and a half we also agreed the style of framing etc for  the photo of maytrees min!

When one has a chance to converse, most people are really interesting.

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