Sunday, December 10, 2017

Global Warming

The scenes of  huge fires in California, dreadful floods in other parts of the world and even here in London SW20 heavy snowfall early in the morning on 10th December are beginning at least for myself, to confirm some of the predictions of scientists expressing concerns about the risks posed to mankind by global warming.

The Sunday Times this morning reports that by the year 2100 many cities around the world will be flooded including London and Miami because of the melting of huge tracts of Antarctic ice. 

Helpfully  the journalist points out that Birmingham (UK) will be spared the flooding as it is situate on high ground. That made me slightly sceptical again,  in view of current UK debate about creating a Northern Powerhouse in the UK to provide a more even balance of opportunities wealth and employment around the country. Nonetheless the issue of global warming is a serious one, surely  going beyond politics.

Calcutta in India is I understand the most polluted city on earth. Looking at some scenes depicted on BBC 4 TV recently, one can see a fascinating place with the Ganges being a wonderful river revered by many as a holy place. Calcutta  is growing fast though with huge blocks of flats rising around the centre though many children still sleep on the streets.

Countries like India and not that long ago China, with their huge populations are bound to create masses of CO2 and other pollution, in bringing their peoples into C21 although it is to be hoped that the pollution will diminish rapidly once more if not most, of their peoples, are reasonably housed and employed. The support especially in education, provided for many of the street children in Calcutta was impressive. 

Quiet praise of  the late Mother Teresa for her work in this area  of assisting children, which continues apace, was provided by some of the interviewees in this interesting BBC documentary although the Beeb of course itself commented on that so far as I recollect, not at all.

Overall I am left with the impression from newspapers and TV that global warming is a serious issue which sadly the USA government  is  now seeking to ignore, if not deny.

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