Saturday, January 27, 2018

The UK Today

Most but not all maytree's brothers and sisters are against Brexit and for remaining in the EU. I too was a remainer though a rather reluctant one until after the Brexit negotiations had dragged on for a few months.

Interestingly during that time the remainer family members have become more and more negative about the UK whereas I have switched to supporting Brexit and am  becoming increasingly optimistic.

 If the UK as a country to spend ones home life in is deteriorating so  much one wonders why so many individuals from the rest of the EU and elsewhere still wish to come here to work and live.

Most countries have really positive aspects to them though the adage "beauty is in the eye of the beholder|" often comes to mind. Unfortunately for some people, that beauty is ignored or  for some reason even avoided. Thus taking a few positive aspects of the UK to illustrate:

At present there is virtually full employment. 
London the UK's capital city is a vibrant international cosmopolitan place with human diversity second to none.
The temperate weather.
Freedom of the individual under the law illustrated by the fact that today the Common Law writ of habeus corpus is hardly used.
Free primary and secondary education.
Creaking at the seams though it may be, a free health service.
Affordable university education for all with suitable academic qualifications.
Reasonable income tax rates and the ability of the income tax authorities to collect  most taxes.
Magna Carta  and still an unwritten constitution.
The seashore is accessible easily from any part of the country.
National Parks and The National Trust
The huge number of non-governmental charities and  the  safeguarding Charity Commission.
UK police generally do not carry arms and even in C21 are still regarded as friendly enough to approach for eg travel directions.
Guns for the general public are generally outlawed.
Individual ownership of land protected by planning consent being required for eg  new railway lines or airports.
The parliamentary system through which government has to function and the voting system supported by the people after a referendum on the subject.
The monarchy which avoids the presidential system favoured in  other countries, let alone dictatorships, gunmen  or religious zealots, which are sadly to the fore in many areas of the world.
Freedom for foreigners to own businesses in the UK.
Public Transport though expensive is becoming more extensive and dare I say it  even modern. The metro and public transport elsewhere may be far cheaper but often in need of radical updating.
Easily obtainable and reasonable cheap food and drink from around the world, in a competitive supermarket system.
Terrific number of theatres, clubs and cinemas. Great football competitions and dare I say it even the BBC!

Maybe even  the main disadvantage of the UK, its increasing population, will diminish after Brexit as some people return whence they came - who knows?

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  1. Brilliant blog, very uplifting and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.from a Maytrees sister! x


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