Saturday, May 11, 2019

Wimbledon Village Market

The daily papers and radio news appear to concentrate so much on bad news, of which tragically there is no shortage, that much  potential  news that is good, excellent even, is omitted. 

Thus   tragedies in Libya  and Africa, the issues giving rise to "MeToo", the trade wars between the USA and China, Boco Haram/ISIS and more locally, Brexit vs Remain, are reported often several times a day yet news of  small but significant improvements or interests in people's lives make no headlines.

A month or so ago, whilst taking a  sunny Sunday  mid morning walk through Wimbledon Village I came across a new market, in the  large car park of the local doctors' surgery. There had been no advance publicity of its opening so far as I knew yet the market was packed  with people, who presumably like myself had only discovered the interesting place,  by chance.

The stalls included butchers, bakers, fishmongers, though   no candle stick makers  at least not yet. 

I assume that the doctors make a few pounds  from letting out their car park on Sunday which of course is a time when their surgery is closed. 

In any event many of the stall holders appear to have come from London's Borough Market although more recently, the market is being described as "Wimbledon Village Farmers' Market" as on the sign:

Since its opening early last month the market has settled down somewhat. 

My main criticism is that of space - there really needs to be a larger area although moving the market to nearby Wimbledon Common would not be wise as regular  market trading sessions on that site could detract from the open space and beauty of the Common. 

The new market is a little cramped though  makes  an interesting and different development within the Village centre and long may that continue. 

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