Saturday, October 26, 2019

Tragedy in A Cold Store Container

The news that  39 people suffocated to death inside a sealed refrigerated container lorry is tragic indeed. 

The nationalities of some of the deceased now appear to be Vietnamese whereas the initial view appears to have been that they were all Chinese. 

One girl is reported to have telephoned her family to say farewell as she was dying through lack of air. That family seem to have paid some £30,000 to the thugs who organised their illegal immigration through  various Far Eastern and European countries to the UK.

The initial arrest by the police in the UK of a driver of the lorry is hopefully just the start of fulfilling the needs to bring justice to the families of the deceased and to reduce this kind of human exploitation by such thugs.

My expectation is that the initial arrest of the Northern Irish driver and shortly afterwards, of three more UK suspects, will be followed by more, as possibly, the man initially arrested only drove the container for the final half an hour or so of its journey. If so the occupants of the container were probably tragically dead by then already. 

Possibly the ringleaders will be based outside of the UK as the journey made by the container  seems to have included China and other countries in the Far East as well as European countries.

The report that a local Catholic parish priest  in Vietnam referred to over 100 people leaving his province in that way for new lives, is worrying indeed not least because that report illustrates how sophisticated the  thugs' organisation has become and how it treats human  beings as mere cattle or worse. 

How many other people have died or will die because of the thugs' activities?

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