Sunday, October 20, 2019

Brexit - Again

A purpose of having a referendum supported by all of the main political parties was clearly to ensure that the majority of the  the adult population agreed with the view of David Cameron the then prime minister, that the UK should remain in the EU. Another purpose of the EU referendum was an attempt to see off the UKIP party headed by Nigel Farage.

The referendum result to leave the EU  ( I voted "remain") surprised everyone and in my view, probably arose through the EU failing to offer David Cameron very much at all in his attempted negotiation to secure a lower membership burden for the UK.

In any event the result did effectively see off UKIP though Nigel Farage who is not my favourite politician, has returned to politics with his Brexit party.

Despite all major political parties supporting the referendum there is now refusal by many to accept the result.  Such is the Lib/Dems concept of democracy that they have swung from supporting the concept of a referendum, to seeking another referendum in the hope that it would give them the result they prefer to now stating that they would simply remain in the UK despite the people's majority vote against that in the referendum supported by the Lib/Dems.

As for Labour, their policy now is probably impossible for even the most die hard Labour supporters to fathom.

The Tories too are not much better with many  essentially former Tories voting against the result of the referendum that their party  publicly supported three years ago.

Boris Johnson has  a colourful personal life but his political life so far as Prime Minister is at least courageous, with his obeying the letter of the law with a letter to Brussels seeking to extend British membership of the EU by presumably another three months but then adding two more letters of his own, seeking confirmation of the 31st October 2019 deadline already agreed by the EU and the UK.

The Northern Irish DUP party makes its lack of empathy with the Dublin government clear by its refusal to cooperate in a solution that would not be bad for the UK or Ireland. 

There was sympathy for the DUP given Sinn Fein's continuing  refusal to be part of the NI government  which presumably  contravenes the spirit if not the letter of the Good Friday agreement. However that sympathy has gone as the DUP's failure to respond positively to the current position in the interests of all Irelanders puts them in the same league in my view, as Sinn Fein.

A Brexit without agreement with the EU, is what the those in the House of Commons may now be causing despite people's vote marchers and Scottish legal actions.

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