Saturday, November 21, 2015

More Global Warming?

The title of this post blog arises as a result of a sudden snow storm this November morning in London, at least in the SW19/20 part of Town which occurred at c. 8am.

It had been raining heavily whilst walking   up Edge Hill but by the time we exited the church at c. 8am the rain had altered to a virtual blizzard.

The snow storm and freezing cold lasted only a short while maybe 20 minutes before the snow ceased but upon reflection I cannot recall snow in London as early as  the third week of November previously occurring - certainly not for many years.

Climate change of course is an increasing concern for the world at large with some scientists reporting that the increase in mean temperature of the planet's climate, is shortly to reach the apparently pivotal 2 degrees centigrade (Celsius?) mark.

Some scientists predict that there are likely to be some initial  beneficial effects of this expected temperature increase and the detrimental increases in ocean levels are not now believedto be as great as predicted earlier. On the other hand if the increase in 2 degrees c is breached, the consequences for human life could be dire for many. Meanwhile the temperature increases are already  impacting adversely on wild life. Thus the Guardian reports:

The strandings of a record number of sea lion pups along the California coast this year are linked to a weather pattern that has warmed their Pacific Ocean habitat and likely impacted fish populations they rely on for food, US scientists have said.
More than 900 stranded sea lions, mostly pups, have been treated by marine mammal centres in California so far this year, according to Justin Viezbicke of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
That is well above the 240 strandings typically seen through April, and scientists suspect the emaciated pups are prematurely leaving southern California sea lion rookeries to seek food on their own after their mothers fail to return swiftly from hunting trips to suckle them.
Yet the reason for November snow falling in normally temperate London is quite unclear - to me.

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